impossibly soft

handmade scarves and pins from upcycled cashmere

Discarded sweaters...


I love cashmere! Warm, cozy, and incredibly

soft. Each of my handmade scarves and pins

starts life as a clean, soft cashmere sweater.

I craft every one with a passion for style,

color, and comfort. I make each one with love.

Hi, I'm Polly.

I grew up on a California ranch, and learned how to crochet on the beaches of Hawaii in the sixties. I've spent my life crafting new and repurposed materials into fashionable art.

Made fresh daily

I source my cashmere from all over the U.S., so I never know what colors I'll have to work with. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Terry Ikeda, Arroyo Grande, CA

“I wear my Polly Jane’s cashmere scarf year round. It’s super-soft and goes with everything in my closet!”

Terry Ikeda, Arroyo Grande, CA

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